Getting to Know Your Teachers: Mr. Bullock


One of the most athletic teachers at LHS, and undoubtedly the most fluent Spanish speaker is Mr. Nick Bullock. He is the Head Coach and offensive coordinator for the Lebanon High School JV football team. After interviewing him, I noticed many of his Spanish students having fun learning the material,  which is something not many teachers are capable of doing. He is also a very caring individual towards both his students and fellow staff members.

CT: How long have you been teaching?

MB: I’ve been teaching for five years.

CT: Why did you choose to teach Spanish?

MB: I had a great college Spanish professor.

 CT: Where did you go to school?

MB: I attended West Chester University.

CT: What other careers did you consider going into before going into teaching?

MB: Speech and Language Disabilities were other options I had in mind.

CT: If you could teach any other subject, what would it be?

MB: I would teach English or Gym.

CT: What was your favorite subject growing up?

MB. My favorite subjects were English, Spanish, and


CT: Where did you grow up?

MB: I grew up in good old Lebanon.

CT: What is your favorite childhood memory?

MB: My favorite childhood memories were summer vacations with my family.

CT: What do you like to do outside of school?

MB: Play sports, go to the movies, and play piano were all extra curricular events I enjoyed doing in my spare time.

CT: What is your favorite part of the school day?

MB: Spanish was my favorite part of the school day.

CT: What do you enjoy most about teaching?

MB: Students that put forth the extra effort to try and succeed.

CT: As a teacher, what is your ultimate goal?

MB: To affect a student’s life positively and have them understand the importance of education.

Students would be lucky to have the chance to learn from Mr. Bullock. After interviewing him, I can see the passion he has for teaching. It seems as though he cares for his students equally, and sets high expectations because he believes in them.


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