Job Interview Tips

BY NADRA DEAN-Staff Writer                                                                   Each year, teenagers will get a job and the average teenager has numerous jobs in their lifetime.
Based on how many teenagers apply for jobs, it can be difficult to get a job. To, set them apart from each other, they need to make sure they have a great interview.
So to prepare you for any future job interviews, here are some tips.
To be fully prepared before your interview, look up any questions you think they might ask you since it’s always better to be ready than sorry if you weren’t.
If you really want to be prepared beforehand, you might even want to pick out an outfit to wear, since jobs usually say wear something professional or dress your best.
Besides preparing an outfit, be sure to bring anything that you need with you that is necessary, such as an ID.
After getting everything together, make sure you are there at the correct time so that you’ll make a good impression before meeting anyone.
Now onto job interview tips you’ll need when you’re actually at your interview.
First off, be ready to tell the interviewer whatever it is that you want them to know and just simply answer the questions they are asking you.
Another tip is to be kind and answer all of the questions truthfully. If you need time to think about the question it’s better to take your time instead of a quick response that’s all over the place.
The next tip is to act respectful, friendly and courteous. By being respectful and listening to the interviewer, they might see you as someone who will work there.
Be kind and say thank you, even if you don’t end up getting the job, because at least now you know what to expect in your next interview.
The very last, and most useful, tip is don’t be scared or nervous, because it’s just questions.
All of these tips should be beneficial to anyone who is nervous for a job interview.
All of this advice is some things you might want to keep in mind, and good luck to anyone who is going to have an interview!


Eliminate Stress, Study Like The Best!


Sadly, it’s that time of the trimester again. Teachers seem like they’re giving out more of those annoying unit tests, trying to prepare you for the inevitable final coming up in a few short weeks.
For most students, tests can seem scary and leave them filled with anxiety about passing. To help take out some of that stress, the best idea would be to study.
But the important question is: What’s the best and most effective way to study? Well, as an experienced test-taker, I’ve compiled a list of the most important things to know when studying.
Don’t panic. Everyone takes tests, some pass and some fail. One bad test means a lot less on your final grade than what you think. Take your time, pay close attention to what’s really important, and don’t overthink it.
Notecards are key! Some teachers will allow you to use a notecard during tests, so use that to your advantage. If your teacher doesn’t let you use a notecard, that shouldn’t stop you from making one anyway. They’re the easiest way to keep all of the important information in one place.
Organize! Make sure when you’re taking notes that everything is clearly written and easy to understand, that way when you’re sitting down to study, you can see all of the most important things that you need.
Stay focused! It’s really easy to get distracted when you’re studying, but you’ve got to make sure that you stay on task. Turn off your phone and the TV to take out the potential of them distracting you. If you can’t study in silence like that, turn on some music to a low volume, but try not to keep changing the song every few minutes.
Get social! Chances are, you’ll have at least one friend in that class, so you can always talk to them about studying together. Set aside some time outside of school or even at lunch for the two of you to practice. One downside to this is that you may lose focus on what you’re actually there for. As long as you’re serious and committed to studying, you should be fine.
Isolate the important! A common thing that happens when you’re studying is to try and remember every single detail from a lesson, but that’s often not the case for the test. Find the main points in the unit or chapter, and remember those instead of the little details. This will help you cut down on what you’re looking over to study, and most likely you will have more questions on a larger point than a small detail.
Find what works for you! Not everyone can study exactly the same way. Some people need to work around others, and some require it to be dead silent. You’ll definitely have more than just one test in the future, so don’t be afraid to try new study techniques.
Don’t get overwhelmed! You should relax and take your time when studying, don’t overthink it. Read over the material, use the study technique that works for you, and don’t freak yourself out. If you have multiple tests in one day, try studying for the first one the night before, and then when you finish that test, study for the next. It will help more than filling your mind with double the information the night before because you could end up mixing things up when it comes time for the test.
Unless you’re confident in the knowledge for the test, you should always try to make at least some time to study. The tips you use for studying can also apply for when you’re doing school work, you just have to change them accordingly.
Personally, I like to sit in a quiet room to study, so that I can focus on everything that I’m going over. Like stated previously, everyone is different, so you can choose to study whichever way works best for you.
Tests and finals can be frightening and leave you with a pit of dread in your stomach. Studying is the best way to help take out some of those feelings and prepare you for what’s ahead.
If you follow the tips previously listed, you’re more likely to succeed on assessments in the future. It’s hard for studying to make things worse, so even the smallest amount of practice will help.
Keep calm, study hard, and good luck!

Become Social with the News

Sports Section Editor

With a new school year comes new ways for you to connect with The Cedar Times. The writers of the Cedar Times have come up with the idea to create social media accounts to promote The Cedar Times newspaper.
In previous years, not many people in LHS have known about the school newspaper. Now that we have improved technology, we’ll be able to get a bigger outreach to our readers.
With more people knowing about our school newspaper, we’ll be able to get more interesting articles out there.
So far we have an Instagram, Twitter, and a Snapchat. Students and teachers can follow our accounts at TheCedarTimes.
Knowing about the school newspaper is great for everyone because they can stay updated with events at school and the world around them.
The Cedar Times News is always on the iPad, so if students ever need to know what’s going on with our school or the world, that’s where students can go.
Follow us on our social media to know when we will be posting our articles and see what’s happening with our writers!

The excitement of Homecoming Day

BY ILYANA CORREA- Editorial Editor

Throughout the four years of high school, there are a significant number of celebrations being held. The most celebrated are Homecoming and Prom.

Homecoming is a time where kids get to dress up and feel beautiful for one night. They have the chance to get asked by a friend or even a crush.

This past Saturday, September 24th was this year’s “A Night in Paris” themed Homecoming. Kids wore their best attire and danced the night away.

Staff and students who are in Key Club, decorated the LHS Atrium to create a beautiful night.

For seniors, this was their last year to remember the significance of this night and the joy of being a kid one last time. Jalyssa Carrero, an LHS senior, and a Homecoming Queen nominee had a few things she wanted to say about that night.

“Even though it’s my last year being here at Lebanon High, I’ll always remember the significance of it. Homecoming is probably my most favorite event other than prom, because that’s when they announce your Homecoming Queen, and you get to share laughs with those you love.”

The beauty of having fun with your friends and being able to share experiences with new people was a night worth getting excited for.

Ezel Correa, an LHS newcomer/freshman, had a few things on his mind as well, “I’m excited for this years Homecoming! I cannot wait for a night of music, fun, and laughter with my friends.”

To those who went to Homecoming for the first time, I hope you embraced the moment and didn’t let anything or anyone ruin your night. For those seniors leaving us as the year counts down to the end, always remember your Cedar Family.

The Lebanon Cedar Bowl Tradition

BY NADRA DEAN– Staff Writer

Many towns have their football games, but Lebanon’s annual cross-town rivalry game is known as the Cedar Bowl.

According to Llleaguesportsvideos the very first Cedar Bowl took place in 1972 and still remains a Tradition to this very day.
The Cedar Bowl is popular in Lebanon, because the Lebanon Cedars and The Cedar Crest Falcons compete against each other.
They are rivals, because they are the two top schools in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Countless fans visit the stadium each and every year to come see the Cedars play.
Some of the fans include staff, faculty and students who support and cheer for the team.
This year’s home game took place at the Lebanon High School Alumni Stadium.                     The game was played at the Cedars home field on Eighth Street in Lebanon PA, which took place on September 4th, 2016 and began at seven pm.
According to Llleaguesportsvideos, the Cedars currently have 15 wins compared to Cedar Crest’s 29 wins.
Lebanon is still working towards a comeback. Cedar fans were ecstatic hoping for a win, but unfortunately this was not their year
Maybe next year we will win, but as of now it’s another win for Cedar Crest. With this loss will come hard work, maybe even new strategies for the players and more determination to win.
Despite what school comes out on top the Cedar Bowl will always be an exciting event in Lebanon Pennsylvania.

Relay For All


Editorial Editor

This past weekend, I was given the opportunity to support Lebanon High School and our Librarian, Mrs. Rivera, at the annual Relay For Life event. Relay For Life is a large event that raises money for cancer research and helping those who are battling the disease.

Relay For Life is a cross-country event that normally happens in a 24-hour long period. The teams take that time to walk around a track to raise money from donors.

Relay For Life isn’t just for walking though. There are tons of games and activities, like Zumba and Bingo, that everyone can participate in.

One of the most notable ceremonies at the Relay For Life event is the Luminaria Ceremony. This is when we all remember those who have lost their battle with cancer and it really shows what we are fighting for.


Mrs. Rivera, a four-time cancer survivor, has had her own team of LHS students for the past few years, which I have been apart of for the past two years. We call ourselves “Team Hope.”

Team Hope helps by raising money through fundraisers within the school and donations of their own money.

Rivera is very passionate about our team and is always trying to improve how we do things in order to raise more money. Her enthusiasm rubs off on all of her team members, bringing us all closer.

This year, Relay For Life was held on May 14th and 15th at Cedar Crest High School.

Sadly, our Relay For Life event was cut short this year due to the immense amount of rain we were expected to recieve. The event is all outdoors so rain is not something that’s good for it.

We ended up missing my favorite event: the Closing Ceremony. This ceremony shows how much money we’ve all earned and what it will all go to, which makes participants feel like everything that they’ve done is helping.

All in all, this relay event was a huge success, and all of the money raised is going to a good cause. Lebanon County has one of the top relay events in the country, and it continues to grow each year.

Next year, I plan on participating in Relay For Life again for my last year at LHS. I ‘hope’ our team will grow and continue fighting for a cure for many years to come.



Passing on the Editorial Torch: The Future of the Program

BY KIAYA SECHREST – Editor-in-Chief

The second half of my high school career was spent dedicating a large amount of time to The Cedar Times. After taking Journalism for the first time my sophomore year, I continued to join Lebanon High’s school newspaper, taking on more responsibility each year.

As Editor-in-Chief for my senior year, I learned a new level of obligation. Aside from just feeling accountable for what was posted this year in The Cedar Times, I also experienced a new form of authority and leadership among my peers.

Being a part of The Cedar Times has taught me what it means to have a voice, and how to properly convey that in my writing. Our advisor, Mrs. Heefner, has personally helped me grow and achieve goals inside and outside of the classroom.

Any member of the newspaper will attest to the fact that it helps teach time management, as participating in it is an extra amount of time and effort outside of just the regular workload from classes.

I advise anyone and everyone who has an interest in writing to join The Cedar Times, because even if working as a journalist is not their final goal, writing weekly articles will improve their skills.

The memories I have made with my fellow section editors and staff writers over the past two years are ones that I will look back on fondly, as well as remembering proudly the improvements I have watched all of them make.

Although I will no longer be a part of The Cedar Times, I know that it will continue to grow for years to come. I am proud to say that for the 2016-2017 school year, previous section editor Shirley Schauer will be Editor-in-Chief, and Leah Connatser will act as Junior Editor-in-Chief.

Both have shown true dedication throughout this past year and a deep interest in continuing to write in the future. I have been impressed by their unique, and often funny, topics they have decided to discuss and share with Lebanon High.

I am happy to be putting The Cedar Times into their hands and am confident that they will both successfully fill the roles and take the newspaper in a positive direction.

A lot of times high school is a course filled with trial and error and working for the school newspaper has been no different. I feel lucky to have had the high school experience that I did, and I am excited to see what the future holds both for The Cedar Times and myself.